PROPS is an FAA-compliant DRONE TRAINING PLATFORM for your company.

Simple. Reliable. Scalable. Proficient.

Starting with our team’s experience and expertise, and mixing it with direct feedback from our clients, PROPS was built as a streamlined system to help ensure your team of pilots are knowledgeable, prepared, & flight tested operators.

Do any of these describe your current situation?

  • Your company wants to start a drone program, but all your pilots are all at varying levels of piloting competency...how do you know who is able to complete what task?
  • You need pilots with specific knowledge, and who are experienced and vetted so that you can trust them carry out your unique operations and to your standards.
  • You are not sure how to differentiate quality pilots from inflated egos.
  • You need a scalable solution to manage, train, test, and guarantee your pilots succeed in the eyes of a multi-national or large domestic company.
  • Many training programs are thick on theory, but lack practical experience and extreme specificity only brought by running drone missions in various environments.
  • You need to ensure your pilots are adhering to the same compliance measures, but you aren’t sure how to efficiently stay on top of that task.
  • Some of your pilots “say” they’ve been trained. You wish there was a way to truly test competency in the field.

PROPS ensures that all your pilots know how to be Professional, Responsible, Operators, Practicing Safety (remember it’s your company’s reputation on the line).